Social Distancing via Simple Customer Flow Control

WaitSafely provides the only solution to allow retail stores to control the flow rate of customers in the store with a simple text messaging experience.

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How It Works

Implements "social distancing" guidelines by allowing customers to wait in their car instead of queued up near the store entrance

  • Improves customer loyalty:
    • More convenient and safer to wait in car
    • More likely to use a store that exhibits concern for safety and convenience
  • A vast improvement for customer safety during inclement weather
  • Increases likelihood of calm customer experience once in the store
  • Analytics for queue length, average wait time, time-to-respond, etc.
  • Support for individuals without phones
  • Supports sending text messages in multiple language (e.g. Spanish, French, etc.)
  • Customer can see where they are in the queue at any time by sending a text message to WaitSafely
  • Customer phone numbers kept completely private
  • Can text all waiting customers to inform of product unavailability (or anything else)
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Features & Benefits

No app required for customer or store personnel! Customers simply text a store code to a phone number and get "in line" while they wait in their car

  • Store attendant clicks a button on smartphone when a customer has left the store
  • At this point, the next customer in line sent a text message telling them to arrive at the store with their code
  • The store attendant verifies their code is correct and lets them in
  • Works with any phone that has SMS (text messaging) plan
  • Works with people who do not have a phone or don't want to use the system


Flexible, low-cost pricing to meet your needs!

  • Free 14 day trial!

  • $39/month per location
    • Up to 500 customers/month
    • Occupancy Management
    • Waitlist Management
    • Text Message Communication


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